How I started coding

How I started coding

The story behind my unfinished journey ✨

Aug 20, 2022Β·

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This is UltiRequiem here. I'm a 15-year-old, Peruvian πŸ‡΅πŸ‡ͺ, full-stack and system developer, with the intention to become a successful Software Engineer.

The Beginning...

It was in the last months of 2020. My world changed a lot due to the pandemic, I spent almost a year passing most of my days playing video games or watching YouTube.


But sooner than later the YouTube algorithm showed me something that would change my life: How to make a spam bot with 5 lines of python.

And so my first GitHub repository was born:


All this happened the day after my 14 birthday, so I took it as my gift from Google.

I discovered GitHub after googling something like "save your code online". For a long time I used GitHub simply as a Google Drive cooler alternative, I remember that I even had a repository with my favorite Wallpapers 🀣

I was fascinated with the possibilities that Python opened up for me, at first I only used it to automate repetitive tasks in video games so that I could watch more YouTube, but little by little I began to take it more seriously.

I took most of the Python Tutorials from W3Schools. My dad was quite surprised at the effort I was putting into something after a long time of doing few productive things, so he decided to buy us a membership for two students in Platzi, which is an online education platform that offers classes on marketing, programming, business, and design dictated in Spanish, our native language.

I'm very grateful for the support he gave me, and he continues to provide me with, and I tried to take advantage of the membership to learn as much as I could in a year.

So I did, I learned a lot about backend development with Node.js, Go, Ruby and Python, and I didn't get left behind on the frontend with React.js, Vue, and Svelte.


Certificate of the Platzi career in backend development with Go.

Although not everything was perfect, I got off track sometimes and wasted a lot of time on some things, I am happy with how I ended 2021, it was a year of a lot of learning and I changed as a person. I definitely learned from my mistakes.

My setup went from this:




All this improvement is due to the fact that throughout 2021 I began freelancing at small local companies offering web development services.

Nowadays I'm having a fantastic time working part-time as a Full Stack Software Developer at Snyder Tech, a global leader in IT services and software development.

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